What Sets Me Apart From Other Golf Instructors?
My Passion is to Advance Your Game by continuing my own learning so I can pass it on to all my students.  I am totally committed to staying at the forefront of modern golf instruction and coaching by seeking out the world’s foremost experts in Motor Learning, Coaching, Long Term Athletic Development, and the Development of Expertise.  In 6 months I will be an even better coach than now because I never stop learning and pushing myself to improve and increase my knowledge in all aspects of the game. 
Developing Golf Mastery at Kern River Golf Course
If you are looking for comprehensive golf performance coaching, you have come to the right place! If you want to make long term progress, you need a Plan. I focus on 'Cross Training' which incorporates all aspects of the game including FlightScope radar technology to aid in skill development, course management strategies, mental toughness training, and essential playing skills. My comprehensive Golf Performance Plans outline exactly what to practice and how to practice it so that you learn to master the skills required to move your game to the next level. I are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your goals and enjoy the game more than ever!
I use many different practice/learning techniques that are based upon the latest research in The Development of Expertise, Long Term Athletic Development, and Motor Learning Science. Ever wonder why you can’t take your range game to the golf course? Well, the answer is that most golfers practice in a way that simply does not aid in the transfer of skills to the course. I employ and teach Transfer Appropriate Practice Strategies that are designed and proven to help you transfer your skills to the course. I teach you to practice like you play, and play like you practice!
I offer private and group coaching sessions & programs, 3 day golf schools, clinics, monthly golf programs for adults and juniors.
Certifications: Ongoing learning is a cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. I know I don’t have all the answers, so I keep searching…
  1. LPGA Class A Professional
    LPGA Class A Professional
  2. Certified Coaches Association
    Certified Coaches Association
  3. Eyeline 4 Putting Elements
    Eyeline 4 Putting Elements
  4. New Rules Golf Coach
    New Rules Golf Coach
I’m a LPGA Class A Teaching Professional. I’ve gone through numerous written tests and also had rigorous testing in front of a panel of Leading LPGA Instructors where I had to give 3 live lessons and be scored in 12 different categories.  I do believe that all who teach the game should be required to pass similar testing to prove their effectiveness as a teacher/coach, just like we need a driver’s license to hit the road.
The Certified Coaches Association is run by renown motor learning expert, Rick Jensen. In this program, we learned to apply the principles of motor learning to help our golfers learn more efficiently as they move through the 4 Steps to Mastery. All of the information in this program is research based and proven to be effective for golfers at all levels.
I am certified in Eyeline Golfs 4 Putting Elements System.  The 4 Putting Elements is a practice system crafted to make certain that rapid improvement isn’t complicated, it just requires a great practice routine which focuses on: setup, path, impact, and speed. The 4 Putting Elements training system was developed by EyeLine Golf from over 10 years of research and experience with the best teachers and players in the world. 
I’m a New Rules Golf Coach. Here we learned to prioritize the 7 essential skills and follow the 9 standards of all great golf instructors which focus on personal strengths and weaknesses to build a core of essential golf skills that will help to improve all golfers. These 'New Rules' are a modern set of ideas and standards for coaches to follow, which will help their students of all skill levels to play their best. 
Career Highlights

Playing Background:
I grew up here in Bakersfield, Ca and started playing golf in 1989 at 18 years old.  I fell in love with the game and played 7 days a week right here at Kern River Golf Course which was my home course.  My game advanced quickly and I won my 1st Kern County Women's Amateur title in 1991 by a record breaking 26 strokes.  I followed that by winning the title again in 95, 96 & 97.  I qualified and competed in the 1996 United States Mid-Amateur Tournament.  I also won the Oxnard City Championship and the Santa Barbara Women's Open that same year.  I left for sunny Southern California in 1997 to play golf for Cypress College.  I helped lead the team to the schools first ever California State Team Title and was also crowned Individual California State Champion in 1997. Then at the age of 40, I shot the ladies course record of 69 at both Kern River Golf Course and Sycamore Canyon Golf Course in 2010.

Golf Business Background:
I began working in the golf business in 1998 at Cypress Golf Club in Los Alamitos, Ca.  I started as a shop assistant and was quickly promoted to Pro shop Manager.  I left Cypress Golf Club in 2001 to go to work for Laguna Woods Golf Club in Orange County.  Again I began as Pro shop Manager and after joining the LPGA in 2004 became the Assistant Golf Professional.   In 2007, I began offering online golf video analysis over the Internet.  After working at Laguna Woods Golf Club for over 6 years,  I returned to my home town in 2008 to teach at Kern River Golf Course.  I coached the CSUB Women's Golf Team in 2010 & 2011, and currently teach golf classes for the Levan Institute at Bakersfield College.  I have also been a contributing writer to the Bakersfield Life Magazine where I provided instruction and local course management tips and strategies. 


Jacque's Teaching Philosophy:
I teach each golfer skills, not a rigid method.  This allows the student to stay unique while becoming more skillful at the game.  I won't try to model your swing into the perfect swing for a 6′ athlete; I will maximize what you come to the table with. I speak in a language that my students can understand and not only explain the 'what', but also the 'how' and 'why' for accelerated learning.
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